Merry Christmas – at my Nan’s

Christmas is a time of family gatherings, but I'll never forget the preparations that went on, and probably still do - but I've found out you can buy most of it in the supermarket and put your feet up! "The Christmas pudding was stirred at the beginning of September, alongside making the Christmas cake, in… Continue reading Merry Christmas – at my Nan’s


Stand By Your Nan goes on the road

I've been applying for Arts Council Funding and I'm really excited that this came through in August, so I could book in a tour of 10 venues in London from now until February 2018. November sees the first outings of the show and workshop to Pimlico and Southall, and it's really exciting to see my… Continue reading Stand By Your Nan goes on the road


Divine feminine

Divine feminine Like the warmth of tea and cake Like the stillness of reservoir lake Like the laughing of a bubbling wine Like the sparkling of a crystal shrine Like the garden that overgrows Like the allotment that overflows Like the branching of an ancient vine So you share your feminine divine


Stand By Your Nan

The fabulous folks at Funny Women posted my article about the new show and celebrating Nans. Read the original article here  Funny Women  or read on. They’ve been blamed for Brexit and when they’re not thought of as bigots, they are ignored or treated with derision. Women of a certain age enter a post-menopausal media blackout.… Continue reading Stand By Your Nan

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Eve and All Our Grandmothers

The first show was on Saturday at Cheam Library and we had a small but engaged and lovely audience. One thing that's nice about intimate events is how you can be very personal with people and ask them direct questions, talk, converse, become friends. There's something about this piece that is so lovely in the… Continue reading Eve and All Our Grandmothers


Finding notebooks

I'm someone who has a problem with sharing my work, not from any real preciousness (if that is even a word) more from fears embedded after aforementioned cutting down of my confidence.  My work has stayed somewhat hidden, like my Nan's painting, which she busied away at for 40 years, but rarely exhibited.  I found… Continue reading Finding notebooks