A blog by writer and performer Rachel Sambrooks with poems and writings.




2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Thank you for being so honest. I ‘got out’ even though it was no where near as bad. We went to counselling but I couldn’t tell the counselor what was going on for fear of backlash in the car. No one understood why I wanted ‘out’. I did not have it bad, but even a fraction makes it impossible to fight back. It took nearly ten years after being divorced before I stood up to him and wasn’t scared of what he would say or do. Thank you for being so honest.


    1. Hi Holly thank you for that, I found it difficult to put out there as part of me is still embarrassed and feels I’ll be labelled as a victim also I didn’t know whether anyone would find it interesting at all so thank you for responding. I’m glad you got out and hope you are in a happy situation now.


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