Mutton dressed as ham.

One of those phrases that pops up a lot over the age of 40 is ‘Mutton dressed as lamb’ a horrible phrase that underlines the image of older women having to ‘know their place’. ie. Just fade into the background please.

Who imposed this dress code that I don’t even know what it is? I’ve never really cared about what I wear to be honest, I’ve always just tried to wear something that didn’t look too out of place and now I see it didn’t matter because whatever I wear I was wrong.

Since working on my Eve show I’ve been considering a comedy show born out of it, called ‘Stand by Your Nan’ in defence and celebration of the older woman.

And it’s not just older women obviously, recently a story hit that companies can force a woman to wear high heels. You try getting a job not wearing make-up or having long hair.

It’s so horribly divisive.

Older women are supposed to ‘age gracefully’ by not aging at all and god forbid if they wear unacceptable clothing. Don’t see a woman with four children whose hair is scraped back and hasn’t got out of her tracky bottoms as bad – she got her kids ready and she, herself, was last on the list. She’ll get dressed once the kids have gone to bed.

Enough of this forcing older women into the shadows and younger women to be primped into impossible images.

Enough of this Mutton dressed as lamb, Daily Fail, people shaming nonsense. It’s yet another dinosaur shaped hole we need to drop our judgements in.

I’m going out in a bikini with a tutu tomorrow just you wait and see.