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Eve and All Our Grandmothers

The first show was on Saturday at Cheam Library and we had a small but engaged and lovely audience. One thing that’s nice about intimate events is how you can be very personal with people and ask them direct questions, talk, converse, become friends. There’s something about this piece that is so lovely in the sharing, it is quite emotional and moving but also hopeful and inspiring. One of the audience members called it a ‘shared experience’ and I think that’s the biggest compliment I could get. It’s not about me just talking, it’s a conversation as we remember our ancestors, the stories that got us here. We share in the present moment, all that past and hope for the future. Realise our place in the timeline of the universe.

I recorded a couple of the poems and put them on soundcloud here so you can have a taste of the material in the show.

If you are in the vicinity there are two more free shows with workshops available and open mic. Sharing is such an important part of what I do, I love to give the opportunity for others to share their experience and it is a wonderful kaleidoscope of different experiences that comes out. That’s why I gathered ‘Words Aloud Collective’ a group of local poets to  come together and make group poems as well as poetry on their grandmothers, to widen it out and show how these stories are so fascinating in the telling. Our collective history.