Walking in the footsteps of Eve – the found tapes

I found tapes from my grandmother when we were cleaning out her house. Strange tapes with The London Work and Take Off and Landing. Tapes of her spiritual leanings.

I took a trip to Attingham Park where she attended classes and was encouraged to paint, she given me a folder of stuff from that time so I could write about it. The National Trust has it now and had limited amount of info about the college and very little about all the new age stuff discussed there.

She started painting at 55 encouraged by the college, and continued until she died aged 98, gaining a foundation degree in the process. Esoteric interests kept her going, yogic flowing. She gave me programmes and transcribed lectures from that time. I’m photocopying them and cutting up to make a poem from the cut ups for the show.

A quote

On heraldic beasts :

We can all have in us the quality of jackal or fox, of lion or eagle, of pegasus or dolphin.

This is the view she saw when she learned to paint, listened to lectures on heraldry of power animals and the new age.