Finding notebooks

I’m someone who has a problem with sharing my work, not from any real preciousness (if that is even a word) more from fears embedded after aforementioned cutting down of my confidence.  My work has stayed somewhat hidden, like my Nan’s painting, which she busied away at for 40 years, but rarely exhibited.  I found a notebook from last September when I had decided to write 100 draft poems, and I’d written ‘in one sitting’ like that was actually physically possible.  It was done, but then after the book shut the work forgotten and a new one begun.

When The Archers facebook page shared my poem I was almost shocked by the response, it seems slight in the age of 1 million followers but for 57 people to share my poem, that to me is the ripple of movement that exposes and shares the work in a way I would never predict.  I have to stop hiding.

What this process of writing ‘Eve’  has taught me is that writing yearns to be read and who am I to keep it to myself, hiding it like stolen chocolate. We are creative forces in this world, all of us, and whatever floats your boat you should put it out there – whether it’s to another person to read and critique or to read yourself in front of an audience. If you make it, share it.

A draft poem from the notebook:



Art or Ant

Ant builds with its pack of other ants

on its own a scout for others

taking back messages

of food or decay

and some don’t come back

scalded by the floods

of life invaded.


Artist builds a message of food or decay

a lone scout for the pack

and some don’t come back

Flooded by the tears

of life invaded.